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Current Covid-19 Guidelines for Guests

We yearn and pray for the day when Covid-19 is truly a thing of the past. In the meantime, we invite you to join us in working to make it so! One of the ways that we can all demonstrate commitment to our core value of wholesafety of the entire community is by getting vaccinated and boosted when we are eligible. Another way to demonstrate this commitment is by wearing a mask indoors, particularly when transmissions levels are elevated in our region.

To help us better determine if transmissions are low, moderate, or high, we consult the county tracker on the CDC website each Friday. We input data from the nine counties that surround Sky Lake in New York and Pennsylvania to create an average that helps us determine if masks are optional, strongly encouraged, or required. If we know guests are coming from outside those counties, we will also incorporate that county into our average.

Sky Lake Guidelines for Masking

Each weekend we will update this page to reflect our most recent masking guidelines for the following week and weekend.

Through September 25th:

Sky Lake Covid Danger Sign—Moderate

Covid danger is moderate, meaning masks are recommended indoors in common areas and guests should continue to practice safe socializing.

Guest group leaders: please share this information with your group prior to arrival.

Updated: Thursday, 15 September 2022

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