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A Hand-Washing Playlist

We strive to provide a time and place in which campers and guests can get away from the hectic pace of the world and just be… with God, with Creation, and with one another. One of the things we do to ensure that this sort of experience can safely continue is to keep an eye on what’s going on in our region, our country, and our world.

Like many of you, we’ve been monitoring the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) over the past few months. As you likely already know, Sky Lake is one of only 25% of summer camps in the United States which is voluntarily accredited by the American Camp Association. In addition to setting the standards for the camping industry (and helping us stay accountable to the standards that revolve around health, safety, and programming,) the ACA also provides its members with some incredible resources—most recently on COVID-19. With so much information out there, we are grateful for the ACA cutting through all the noise on our behalf so that we can focus on preparing for our awesome upcoming summer season! We are also fortunate to have a great working relationship with the Broome County Department of Health, which also continues to provide us with valuable resources.

While we monitor the news, we are even more conscientious about continuing to do the things we always do, like disinfecting surfaces in between retreat groups, staying home if we’re not feeling well, and washing our hands a lot! We are also currently reviewing our check-in procedures and will let you know if we make any updates to those.

It seems coming up with alternatives to singing “Happy Birthday” twice to encourage washing hands with soap for a minimum of twenty seconds has become a popular way to deal with the stress of everything. However, there seem to be no lists that include camp songs (which we believe is a travesty) so we’ve gone ahead and created a list of our own!

A Playlist to Wash Your Hands To

A Ram Sam Sam
If nothing else, you’ll be able to get at least twenty seconds of laughter while you wash your hands!

All That I Am
The chorus from one of our favorite Rend Collective songs is the perfect length to wash your hands to.

Do Lord
For our campers who are big Johnny Cash fans, here he is singing “Do Lord”…

Fruit of the Spirit
Again, twenty seconds of laughter may be all that you’re able to utter while washing your hands to this song.

Good Night
One verse of this beloved song is just a tad bit longer than twenty seconds, but… it’s the Goodnight Song, so it’s okay. (Also, we’ve added “create our own video of campers singing this song” to our must-do list for this summer!)

Jesus is the Rock
Might we recommend a slight change to the lyrics? What about “Jesus is the Rock and he rolls my germs away”!?

This Little Light of Mine
This Soweto Gospel Choir version is apt to keep your toes tapping while you thoroughly wash your hands!

We look forward to you remaining healthy so that we can spend some time with one another at camp this summer!

Update, Monday, 3/16—we sang a few of these songs during a pop-up campfire last night! Here you go:

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