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Do You Have What it Takes to be a Sky Lake Campbassador?

Do You Have What it Takes to be a Sky Lake Campbassador?

Chances are that if you are reading this, you already possess the most important quality of a Sky Lake Campbassador: interest in Sky Lake. There are a few other qualities below, but basically a Sky Lake Campbassador is someone who is willing to receive an email from us one to four times per month and share the materials included in each email at church, online, and with friends.

Here are some necessary qualities of an excellent Campbassador:

+ Ability to receive email from us
+ Ability to follow directions
+ Ability to positively communicate with others by speaking, writing, signing, etc. (in person, in print, or online)

It’s also helpful (but not necessary) to be able to:

+ Speak of positive camp and/or retreat experiences at Sky Lake (either your own or someone close to you)
+ Print designated materials to be shared in bulletins, post on announcement boards, etc. (or get the electronic files to someone who can print the materials to share)
+ Know who to give camp and retreat announcements for inclusion in weekly bulletins and/or monthly newsletters at church
+ Post to social media (including how to tag Sky Lake in photos and use #hashtags)<

What is expected of Sky Lake Campbassadors:

+ Open emails
+ Read emails
+ Share materials found in emails (or recruit someone who can)
+ Like/follow @skylakecenter on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter
+ Like and/or share our posts on these social media platforms

Remuneration for Sky Lake Campbassadors:

+ First access to materials
+ Our eternal gratitude

Click here to sign up to be a Sky Lake Campbassador! (New link as of April 2019) Donate Now!

Posted on April 16th by Matthew Williams