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The Power of Letting Go

The Power of Letting Go

We’re currently in that time of year when schools and churches are starting to wind down for summer. But for those of us in the camping ministry, this is when we start to gear up for another awesome season of impacting the lives of young and old, neurotypical and differently abled individuals, first-timers and those who have been coming to camp longer than I’ve been alive! It doesn’t take much arm twisting for me to admit that this is my second-favorite time of year (summer camp season proper is my favorite, of course!)

As we focus on all our preparations, I like to keep one question in the forefront: Why?

At our core, we here at Sky Lake are intentional about providing a safe time and place for individuals to encounter community and God in a magnificent setting because we want to transform the world. Camp ministries have the amazing ability to teach individuals the valuable life skills of independence AND interdependence—not from a textbook but through experience. It still amazes me how much a simple activity like making ice cream from scratch can teach all of us: from coming to a consensus on what flavor to make; to keeping track of who’s next in line to crank; and finally, deciding how much of the finished product each one takes to ensure there’s enough for everyone. (It can also lead to some great discussions on how we ourselves are transformed through Christ.)

Recently when the proverbial “why?” was brought up in planning, we thought: “let’s ask some moms why they send their children to camp.” So a few weeks ago, we posted a link on our Facebook page inviting moms to participate in a quick survey. In that survey, we asked moms* three questions:
1) As a mom, what has been (or what do you anticipate will be) the hardest part about sending your child(ren) to camp for a week?
2) What ultimately helped you to make the decision to send your child(ren) to camp (or not)?
3) What’s one thing we here at Sky Lake can do to help alleviate some of your worries about sending your child(ren) to camp?

We received some great responses from some awesome moms (and I’m not just saying that because my own mom participated!) Reading through the responses the first time may or may not have brought a tear to my eye. Okay, I was moved by the responses of these thoughtful women. It’s always nice when others confirm your own beliefs—particularly when it comes to the power of camp.

Over the coming weeks I’ll be delving deeper into each of these three topics, but for now I wanted to share one specific response an anonymous mom gave to question #2:

“{I send my child to Sky Lake} to learn independence, make friends, and have fun.”

We raise a toasted marshmallow to that!

*Almost all studies of the camping industry conclude that moms ultimately make the decision as to whether a child attends camp or not. Some studies peg this at 85%, while others think it’s actually closer to 95%. So this is why we intentionally sought out moms for this survey.

Posted on May 24th by Matthew Williams