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Special Needs Summer Programs

Special Needs Summer Programs

Since 1968, Sky Lake has offered camping opportunities for persons with mild-to-moderate developmental and physical disabilities. We believe our natural surroundings at Sky Lake to be the handiwork of God and do our best to make the great outdoors accessible to all our special needs campers, at a pace that allows them to fully appreciate it—after all, time at camp is vacation for many of our campers!

Through all that we do we strive to provide our friends with special needs with a time and place in which they can experience a supportive, loving, and safe Christian community that honors, respects and promotes each individual’s personhood. Each session is overseen by volunteer coordinators who have ample experience with our special needs camps and bring expertise as pastors, educators, and social workers. Campers are supervised by college-age and older adults who are passionate about making sure campers have a great time. The medical and health needs of our special needs campers are overseen by registered nurses that reside onsite.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable Sky Lake experience we use an application process for our special needs camps. Here is how the application process works:

+  Complete the Special Needs Camp Application form (available for download below)
+  Return the completed application to the Sky Lake Office promptly. Deadline is the 9th of each month, and will continue each month that space is available. Please do not send any form of payment with the initial application.
+  Decision letters and health forms will be mailed on or before the 20th of each month, beginning in February.
+  A $75 non-refundable deposit will be required of those who are offered a space in one of our special needs camps, which will be due by the last day of the month. Remainder of the balance is due prior to attendance at camp.

Please note the following:

+  Special registration forms are used for our special needs programs, which are available for download at or by contacting the Sky Lake Office directly.
+  Check-in times for special needs sessions vary. Please consult confirmation material for assigned check-in times for your particular session.
+  Pick-up for Special Needs, Helping Hands, Amigos, and Friends Camps will be at 1:00pm on Friday in Founders’ Lodge.
+  Pick-up for Buddies Camp will be at 4:00pm on Friday in Founders’ Lodge.

Download the 2019 Sky Lake Special Needs Application

Posted on January 9th by Matthew Williams