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Grateful For Where We’ve Been: Ladies Of The Lake

Grateful For Where We’ve Been: Ladies Of The Lake

We here at Sky Lake are grateful to be able to spend time with so many awesome people throughout the year. While our summer camp ministry brings a certain level of intensity to the life of our team, we’re also kept on our toes extending radical Christian hospitality to retreat guests from the end of summer camp in August until June the following year. We provide hospitality support to a wide variety of church and non-profit groups any given week/weekend; in addition to these groups we also hold retreats and events for which we provide the programming.

One of those offerings is our Ladies of the Lake Retreat, which was held last month for the 9th consecutive year. When longtime friends of Sky Lake—Jean Grube and the Rev. Jan Clark—approached us years ago with the idea of a retreat for women that would combine elements of a spa experience with opportunities for spiritual growth, we were immediately sold on the idea. “While observing the autumn-kissed, lake waters from one of those boulders by the boathouse, I’m always reminded how thankful I am for these retreats. These times away at Sky Lake allow me to focus on the amazing gifts of the women gathered and our need for each other to build up the body of Christ” says Ladies of the Lake co-leader, Jean Grube.

“The friendships that are formed through worshiping together and the variety of activities offered each retreat is what keep women coming back,” says Jenna Amberge, Assistant Director of Sky Lake. In 2012 we increased the opportunity for women to build those meaningful relationships by expanding Ladies of the Lake to include Rejuvenate each spring (by the way, online registration for Rejuvenate 2018 is now open!)

“I am grateful for the chance to offer rest and renewal for body and soul at the picturesque setting of Sky Lake. Women grow in their friendship with each other and with God. It is a place that helps us find our center!” the Rev. Jan Clark, co-leader of Ladies of the Lake.

Posted on November 3rd by Matthew Williams