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Summer Booster

Summer ’21 Booster Micro-campaign

The sound of camp returns. Help boost it!

After a silent summer in 2020, it is exciting that camp can happen at Sky Lake once again—even with the need to operate at decreased capacity. It isn’t hyperbolic to state, the generosity of donors over the past year has sustained the ministry of Sky Lake to this point, where camp is able to once again thrive!

However, there are still challenges ahead: decreased camper capacity equals increased staffing needs; new safety and programmatic equipment must be purchased. But you can help Sky Lake surmount these challenges.

Your special gift to the Sky Lake Annual Fund through the Summer ’21 Booster Micro-campaign will provide a much-needed boost to ensure the best week of camp ever for the kids, youth, and persons with special needs this summer.

Become a Booster


About the Micro-Campaign & Booster Levels

The Summer ’21 Booster Micro-Campaign is designed to be a special supplement to the Sky Lake Annual Fund. As such, the following levels have been established as a way to boost giving in May, June, July, and August.  

Cabin Booster ($250+) — similar to our youngest campers getting to stay in our classic cabins, this is the foundational level of becoming a booster

Lodge Booster ($500+) — as our campers grow and mature they often move up a level to staying in the lodges. This level is perfect for individuals, families, and small groups or congregations

Tryst Booster ($1000+) — each designated outdoor worship space at Sky Lake is traditionally referred to as a tryst—a meeting space. This level is perfect for organizations and congregations

Shore Booster ($5,000+) — much like the East and West Shores, this level is for our friends who are in a position to provide a more substantial gift

Stone Gates Booster ($10,000+) — the stone gates which have welcomed campers to Sky Lake for the last 74 years were constructed in the late-1800s. Boosters at this level ensure that the ministry of Sky Lake remains as solid as these gates for generations to come

How your gifts will be used

Your contributions to the Sky Lake Annual Fund through the Summer ’21 Booster Micro-campaign will be put to immediate use where needed most at that time. Gifts in May and June will most likely help with the purchase of such things as additional cleaning and sanitization equipment, additional ventilation, PPE for our healthcare providers, materials to build handwashing stations, canopy tents for family groups to more comfortably enjoy additional time outdoors, and new games and equipment better suited for social distancing. Gifts in July and August will ensure that the revenue generated through camper fees will be used to cover the costs directly attributed to their stay.

All gifts to Sky Lake (d/b/a Upper New York Annual Conference) are tax-deductible.