Are you up for a real, life-transforming adventure?

The God who created the whole world, who brought all things into being, also wants to be in relationship with you! How awesome is that!? Using scripture as our guide, together we’ll embark on a journey that will help us discover the many ways God has shaped each of us; how Jesus teaches us to embrace our adventurous and creative sides; and how the Holy Spirit empowers us to not sit around waiting for something big to happen, but to go out and join in the epic adventure of God’s ongoing creation! But beware that you won't return home the same.

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Since the first session of camp in 1947, Sky Lake has offered a classic Christian camp experience for children, youth, and families. In the late-1960s we were amongst the first to offer camping opportunities for persons with special needs. Even though Sky Lake looks a little different than it did 72 years ago, our focus continues to be on helping campers be transformed through living in Christian community, so that they'll transform the world. That transformation begins by recognizing and embracing our oneness in Christ, so regardless of your race, sex, nationality, economic status, or even what church you attend, you are welcome at Sky Lake.


We have almost two dozen programs for children and youth, completing grades K-12, and persons with special needs, ages 15-65. These programs vary in length from a couple days to a week long. In addition to all of the “camp favorites” like swimming and boating, arts and crafts, hiking, volleyball, and foursquare, we offer tons of unique activities including sleeping out under the stars, cooking a meal in the woods, 9 Square in the Air, kayaking and corcling, ultimate frisbee, and more!

Providing quality programs and facilities is important to us here at Sky Lake. We are inspected and licensed by the New York State Department of Health (records may be seen) and voluntarily submit to a thorough review (up to 300 standards) of our operations by the American Camp Association (ACA).


Campers are given a solid foundation that lasts a lifetime, and equips them for success at school, at home, at church, and in the world by building them up and giving them the gifts of confidence, faith in God, and a healthy self-esteem. Campers just don’t hear about something, they do it! Everything at camp is hands on, feet on, and heads up. Campers become interested, get involved, and achieve.

Our programs are run — and campers are cared for — by a group of people who are passionate about the effect they can have on a camper’s life. Whether the staff member is paid or a volunteer, these loving people are the key to a positive camping experience. All are of college age or older, and are chosen for their maturity, personal integrity, skills, patience, and desire to be Christian role models for campers, and share in the spirit of fun and excitement at camp. Staff and volunteers fill out an application, undergo a background check, sign a disclosure statement, and provide references. Applicants are carefully screened and, if chosen, supervised by camping professionals. Both staff and volunteers undergo valuable training in health and safety, child development, teaching methods, and group dynamics.

We believe in what we do. Our staff strives to make a difference because they have had similar experiences as children. Camp is fun and gives youth and persons with special needs wonderful gifts. We know because we were once those youth.


The faith message we send is a message that encourages campers to grow in their love and knowledge of Jesus Christ. An essential part of the camp experience is spiritual growth - gaining a better understanding of what it means to be a Christian in relationship to God, to others, and to the environment. While we are an official extension of The United Methodist Church, we have found that many of our campers come from other churches or have no church affiliation. Adult leaders are sensitive to the differing backgrounds represented, while striving to make the Christian life real by presenting God’s word and love as shown in Jesus Christ. Programs are designed to be age appropriate and include music, worship, drama, Bible exploration and memorization, and prayer.

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Summer Camp Photo Sampler

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“No one judges you at camp. You can be your own person. Everyone is loving and (they) care about you as a person.”

— Camper Family

“Since camp, my son has been more confident, has better coping strategies, gets along better with others, and has a sense of responsibility for his actions.”

— Camper Family

“I love that my child is with a group of Christian kids who have the same values, and having normal daily activities that have a Christian basis.”

— Camper Family

“My relationship with God was strengthened because up until now, I’ve never felt like I’ve known God.”

— Camper

“My counselor really put God’s life and spirit into my heart and I thank him for it.”

— Camper

“My child's favorite part of camp was everything from Bible study, to singing, to the arts and crafts, to meeting new friends.”

— Camper Family

“It's the most amazing experience and it's saved my life many times.”

— Camper