Sky Lake Camp & Retreat Ministries Leadership Team

<a href=''>Matt Williams</a>

Matt Williams


Matt has been with Sky Lake full time since 2000. His hobbies include music, photography, traveling, and the study of Canada. Besides the song “Harvey the Hippo”, Matt’s favorite thing about Sky Lake is the contemplative moments spent around campfires.

<a href=''>Jenna Amberge</a>

Jenna Amberge

Assistant Director

Jenna has been with Sky Lake since 2011, but has over ten years of experience at our sibling site — Casowasco. She enjoys puzzles, cross-stitching, reading, and sailing. Jenna ranks taking hikes around the lake as one of her favorite things about Sky Lake.

Kevin Hester

Kevin Hester

Food Service Manager

Kevin has been with Sky Lake year-round since 2001. He enjoys bowling, golfing, spending time with family and friends, and watching his beloved Philadelphia Phillies. Besides the food, Kevin’s favorite thing about Sky Lake is the excellent people he gets to work with throughout the year.

Dan Coleman

Dan Coleman

Maintenance Supervisor

Dan is the most recent addition to the Sky Lake Team, but has many years of experience at Sky Lake as a summer staff member and volunteer!

Lisa Zanker

Lisa Zanker


Lisa has been with Sky Lake since 2009. She enjoys spending time with her entire family — especially her kids. Lisa loves how Sky Lake always feels like home.