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SNAP Program 2016

SNAP Program 2016

Ever wonder what you can do to be a leader at camp?

Every summer Sky Lake runs several weeks of active and meaningful Special Needs programs and we couldn’t do it without our Special Needs Assistant Personnel, or SNAPs, working with us.

SNAPs are older youth volunteers. Still considered as campers, SNAPs work alongside our counselling staff to gain leadership skills, make friendships that last for life, and spend time at camp doing the camp things they love!

This is your personal invitation to join us this summer as a SNAP. We’d love to have you.
What are the requirements to be a SNAP?
SNAPs must be 14 years of age or older and be available for our mandatory training event:
SNAP Training June 11-12 3pm-3pm
SNAPs register for training online just like they would for camp and select “SNAP Program” as their session of choice. Take a look at our online brochure for more information.

How many weeks can a SNAP be at camp?
After training is completed, SNAPs can return to camp for any or all special needs programs we offer during the summer at no additional charge. This summer we have 5 weeks of special needs sessions!

What is it like being a SNAP?
As a SNAP, you’ll spend quality time cruising tables for meals, rowing boats with campers at the waterfront, playing games on the patio, assisting campers on hikes and so much more. In the evenings you will have time to hang out with the other SNAPs and the SNAP Coordinator to do more of what you love about camp such as night time hikes, s’mores, and of course plan the latest SNAP skit for Talent Night.

I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to email me at


Britny Wainwright
2016 Summer Program Coordinator

Posted on May 24th by Matthew Williams